Wednesday, March 4, 2009


All this time, and you can't let me go.. even from your place of employment.

I check all suspicious ip's that come in blank, multiple times, from my monogram order form, and pulled you and your family business right up.

Sad. Maybe one of these days you'll start using someone else for your "inspiration."

Screenshot of the ip address that came in my e-mail, multiple times...

Screenshot of ip location and hostname:


Anonymous said...

Bahahaha! Looks like she's got your number Steaky. Whoops. Maybe you should work on containing the crazy regardless of who "wronged" who...if anyone even did.

Nicole {PinkDesign} said...

It's been like, 7 months??, that this has been going on! Ever since I e-mailed her and asked her to stop copying me, way back when... Last Year. And she's still trying to cause problems by sending bogus orders through my website, of which I clearly have proof it's her!

Anonymous said...

I'm no psychic...but I think you are about to have a decent sized fan club over this post.

Don't be alarmed :)

Nicole {PinkDesign} said...