Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Custom Baby Shower Invitation & Treat Label for Elesha

Elesha is hosting a princess-themed baby shower and requested an invitation and treat label that incorporated a tiara.

Thank you, Elesha!

Identifying information has been changed.

Custom Wedding Invitation for Roxanne and Paul

Roxanne is a returning customer after I originally designed her custom wedding monogram!

I love Roxanne's butterfly wedding invitation.

Thank you, Roxanne!

Christina and Eammon's Wedding Monograms

Christina used my Buy 5, Get 1 Free Monogram Special!

Christina's winter wedding colors are Silver with FireBrick Red accents.

Thank you, Christina!

Christina's feedback: "I love it!"

Custom Table Numbers for Emily and Adam

Emily is a returning customer after I originally designed her wedding monograms and water bottle labels.

Emily requested the same table card design that I created for my own wedding :)

Thank you, Emily!

Emily's feedback: "LOVE THESE! You've made all my paper product creation stress free. I cannot thank you enough!"

Monday, June 29, 2009

Wedding Invitation for Samantha and Timothy

Samantha is a returning customer after I originally designed her Save the Date!

Thank you, Samantha!

Identifying information has been changed.

Samantha's feedback: "Perfect as always! They look beautiful. I love them!!"

Carolyn and Raffy's Wedding Monogram

Thank you, Carolyn!

Carolyn's feedback: "I love it :)"

Laura and Chad's Wedding Monogram Part II

Laura returned for another design after her original order below!

Thank you Laura!

Laura's feedback: "Love it!"

Laura and Chad's Wedding Monograms

Laura used my Buy 5, Get 1 Free Monogram Special!

Laura's colors are Purple and Lime Green.

Thank you, Laura!

Laura's feedback: "These are great."

Custom Candy Buffet Label for Alissa

Alissa is a returning customer after I originally designed her wedding monograms.

Alissa is having a rainbow-colored candy buffet, and requested a treat label that said "love, Sweet love" in rainbow colors.

Alissa is printing her labels at home.

Thank you, Alissa!

Alissa's feedback: "perfect!!"

Megan and Cody's Wedding Monogram

Megan's colors are Hot Pink and Black.

Thank you, Megan!

Megan's feedback: "That is perfect."

Custom Business Logo for BabyMe Baskets

McKenzie requested a pink & brown logo that included damask.

Thank you, McKenzie!

McKenzie's feedback: "IT IS PERFECT!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!"

* Upcoming Closure * - Extended 4th of July Weekend

Just a quick (advance) note that I will be closed from Thursday Jul 2 at noon through Sunday Jul 5. I will be returning after the holiday weekend on Monday, July 6!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Fall Themed Wedding Monograms

It occurred to me recently that I had plenty of summer themed monograms, but none for Fall!

These autumn wedding monograms are now available on my website under Themed Monograms!

Our October Pumpkin!

This is a blog header I designed for.. myself!

As some people have figured out, I am pregnant (6 months!) and finally created a private blog for family and friends.

This blog header is not indicative of my blog URL.. ouroctoberpumpkin.blogspot.com happens to be another private blog belonging to someone else.

I love this and can't wait to share our blog with family & friends.

As a sidenote.. PinkDesign will be going on maternity leave in about 3 short months, probably just for a few weeks since I work from home and should be able to start light work after baby's birth :)

I have a Favicon!!

I finally figured out how to add one of those little "Favicons" in the browser address bar.. notice the two pink hearts? :)

I may be able to offer this for other Blogger templates, and install it for you too! Contact me if interested!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Minerva and Marlon's Wedding Monogram

Minerva's wedding colors are Goldenrod and DarkGoldenrod.

Thank you, Minerva!

Minerva's feedback: "Love it."

Sheri and Bobby's Wedding Monograms

Sheri's wedding colors are Yellow and Gray.

Thank you, Sheri!

Sheri's feedback: "These are perfect."

Friday, June 26, 2009

Brittany and Kipp's Wedding Monograms

Brittany used my Buy 5, Get 1 Free Monogram Special!

Brittany's colors are Black and Lime Green.

Thank you, Brittany!

Brittany's feedback: "They all look AMAZING!! =) I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE them!"