Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Hi everyone!

As you know I am very busy with orders and e-mails... I try very hard to respond to e-mails in the order that they are received, starting with the oldest first. I think this is the fairest way.

Unfortunately I use gmail for my business e-mail, and everytime someone re-emails me, gmail moves their e-mail to the top of my Inbox as a New e-mail, and I don't know until I open it that someone has already e-mailed before and should have been responded to first.

I apologize for the confusion. Please know that I am receiving everyone's e-mail and sometimes re-sending the same e-mail again causes a delay that I am unaware of until someone's already mad at me. I'm sorry! I try to keep up but I receive so many e-mails it's hard to get to everybody's everyday :( Thank you to everyone for continually providing me so much business.

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