Sunday, March 8, 2009

NEW Decorative Stock Monograms!

Every once in a while I clean out my monogram designs and get rid of the slow-sellers in favor of some new, fresh designs!

Following are some beauuutiful, one-of-a-kind new decorative monograms that I have added to my stock monogram collection on my website! You won't find these designs or artwork anywhere else!

Tomorrow there will be some new Themed monograms with more artistic, better drawings (similar to the ones below), along with some retirees to make way for the new designs!

I can't wait to post them! I might actually be revamping my entire Themed section with this new, more beautiful artwork!

Enjoy these ones for now!

Stay Tuned! There are lots more new designs coming tomorrow!

1 comment:

Nicole-Lynn said...

They're all so lovely!