Thursday, September 24, 2009


Pink Design is now officially closed for maternity leave!

The last order I had was just posted below. No more orders are being accepted or e-mails can be responded to after today.. I'm almost a week past my stated closing date of Sep. 18!

Thank you to everyone for your continued business and patience while I finally go on maternity leave :)

♥ Pink Design

Custom Door Hanger Signs for Melissa and Richard

Dee ordered custom door hanger signs for her daughter Melissa's wedding, to be hung on their guests' hotel doors!

Such a cute idea!

Melissa and Dee loved these designs and so did their printer who took pictures of the door hangers to show other customers!!

Thank you so much, Dee!

Signature Drink Cocktail Sign for Leann and Matt

Leann is a returning customer!

I love Leann and Matt's signature drink, wish I could have one! :)

Thank you, Leann, for all your repeat business!

Leann's feedback: " I have been getting so many compliments on everything you designed for me."

Theresa and Jon's Wedding Monograms

Thank you, Theresa!

Theresa's feedback: "I LOVE THEM!!!!"

Custom Wedding Invitation for Carmen and Jeffrey

Carmen's colors are Antique Gold and Chocolate Brown.

Thank you, Carmen!

Identifying information has been changed.

Wedding Program Booklet for Amy and Todd

Amy is a returning customer!

I have created many coordinating designs for Amy, including her:

wedding monogram,
candy bag monogram / favor tag,
wedding invitation,
wedding menu,
reserved seating signs, and
rehearsal dinner invite!

Amy loved the program I designed for Patricia and Stephen and requested a similar design.

Amy's program is a 2 page, 8-sided booklet design.

Thank you, Amy, for all your repeat business!

Identifying information has been changed.

Amy's feedback: "LOVE IT!!!!!!"

Birdcage Card Sign for Melissa and Richard

Dee is another returning customer who has ordered several items for her daughter Melissa's wedding!

Dee requested a birdcage Cards sign that was similar to the one I used for my own wedding. The sign includes a monogram from Pink Design!

My Wedding Birdcage Card Holder

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

** Not Accepting Anymore Work **

Good morning :)

The designs I'm still posting are from orders that were placed last week or earlier.

I'm really sorry that I cannot accept anymore work at this time!

I feel bad that there are still people e-mailing me asking if I can squeeze in their order, I just can't, or I'll never finish here!

So sorry!!

Carmelina and Jeremy's Wedding Monograms

Thank you, Carmelina!

Custom Wedding Monogram for Jenny and Chris

Jenny is a returning customer after originally purchasing a set of stock wedding monograms last week!

Jenny requested a custom wedding monogram design with a shield, scrollwork, and crown.

Thank you, Jenny!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Custom Seating Chart for Sherri & Jack

I love this seating chart I created for Sherri and Jack!

Sherri is a returning customer after I originally designed her wedding monogram, wedding menu, and programs!

Sherri requested a relatively simple, classic design with one of their engagement photos at the top. I also incorporated a variation of their wedding monogram above the picture.

Thank you, Sherri!

Brandy and Thomas' Wedding Monogram

Brandy's wedding colors are FireBrick Red and Black!

Thank you, Brandy!

Brandy's feedback: "I love's perfect!"

Custom Wedding Monogram for Martin & Jilly

Jilly requested a custom wedding monogram with scrollwork and stars.

Thank you, Jilly!

On Borrowed Time ~ Please Read

Hi to my readers and customers :)

As everyone knows I closed down my regular website last Wed. morning, Sep. 16.

My final close date for maternity leave was Fri. Sep. 18.

Except for 2 customers who knew they were going into this week, ALL proofs were sent for orders by Wed. Sep. 16.

Unfortunately I still have a handful of people who haven't responded to proofs that were sent before 9/16, or are still requesting monogram revisions and color changes, and I'm worried we are on borrowed time here!

Today, Tue. Sep. 22 is THE last day I can continue working on proofs sent a week ago or longer .. so I will be sending finals by the end of day today even if not responded to, to get finished up.

I have to stop working and focus on this baby!! Thank you for your understanding!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Morgan and Justin's Wedding Monograms

Morgan's wedding colors are Midnight Blue and Light Pink.

Thank you, Morgan!

Morgan's feedback: "They look great!"

Baby Monogram for Charlee Lynn

Thank you for your order, Kimberly!

Kimberly's feedback: "I Love it!!!!"

Friday, September 18, 2009

Status Update on Pink Design

Never before have I turned away so much business!

I hate doing it but am left with no choice as my doctor advised me again this morning that this baby can come at any time.

I apologize to the people I'm having to turn away!

I still have a handful of orders that were placed before today that I'm trying to finish up, but it may not be until Sunday or Monday at this point. If by any chance I can't finish someone's order, they will definitely receive a refund and credit toward future purchase! I'm trying really hard to finish up all existing orders first and foremost though, if baby gives me time :)

Thank you for your patience ♥

Custom Program for Sherri and Jack

Sherri's program is going to be printed on 1 sheet of paper, front and back, and folded in half to give 4 sides.

Thank you, Sherri!

Identifying information has been changed.

Sherri's feedback: "I love it."

Sherri and Jack's Wedding Monogram

Thank you, Sherri!

Custom Wedding Invitation for Lynzy and Marcus

This is a new wedding invitation design that I created for Lynzy and Marcus.

Thank you, Lynzy!

Identifying information has been changed.

Standard Business Logo for Stylish Events

Karla B. ordered an existing monogram for her new business logo.

Thank you, Karla!

Karla's feedback: "It's exactly what I wanted."

Custom Photo Seating Chart for Christine and Bill

Christine and Bill requested a photo seating chart with a wedding monogram.

Thank you to Kelsey with A Little Soiree for your customer's order!

Click on image to enlarge.

Kelsey's feedback: "I love their seating chart!"

Custom Business Card Design for Happily Ever After

Teasha requested a business card design that was modern yet stylish, and incorporated scrollwork. Teasha is uploading this design to

Thank you, Teasha!

Teasha's feedback on seeing her proofs: " LOVE THEM!! They are exactly what we wanted! Thank you soooo much!"

Wedding Program Booklet for Melissa and Richard

Melissa is creating a booklet-style wedding program.

Thank you to Dee for your daughter's order!

Identifying information has been changed.