Friday, February 27, 2009

Save money with Ebates!

I'm a frugal girl and I'm always looking for ways to save a dollar. is a great website that offers thousands of coupons to hundreds of online stores. All you have to do is go to first and then click through to your chosen store's website. That's all you have to do - the coupon is applied automatically as cash back into your Ebates account.

I'm recommending this site because they offer ZAZZLE coupons, and many of my clients buy my customized postage! You can save 10% on your Zazzle order right now by signing up with first!

PLUS, if you'd like, get a $5 referral bonus by signing up through a link I send you and making your first purchase. If you're interested, please privately send me your e-mail address so it's not posted here and I will e-mail you the referral link!

McKell and Ryan's Wedding Monograms

Ryan ordered 6 monograms from my website and used my Buy 5, Get 1 Free Monogram Special!

Thank you, Ryan!

Under the weather

Hi everyone,

I have been feeling a little under the weather lately (physically, not mentally) so on top of being really busy with e-mails, not feeling well is slowing me down even further. I have e-mails that are 2-3 days old right now and I'm very sorry for how long it's taking me to get back to everyone. I hope to be caught up soon and I apologize for the delay.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Karioka and Alexis' Wedding Monogram

Thank you, Karioka!

Save the Date Magnet & Postcard for Erica and Nathan

Deb is a wedding planner and returning customer of mine who ordered a custom Save the Date Magnet and Postcard for her clients, Erica and Nathan. I designed the card so that the magnet could be adhered with a glue dot. Deb will be uploading these designs to

Thank you, Deb!

Click on image to enlarge. Identifying information has been changed.

La'Tasha and Hector's Thank You PostCard

I just love this design that I created for La'Tasha and Hector! The scrollwork gives it an elegant, wedding-feel that I think is so beautiful.

Thank you to La'Tasha and Hector for your repeat business!

Click on image to enlarge.

Hector's feedback: "She loves the design. Great work."

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Janice and Oliver's Wedding Monogram

Janice's colors are Plum and Indigo.

Thank you, Janice!

Janice's feedback: "Wow this looks fantastic!"

New Decorative Monogram

This monogram was added to my site a couple of days ago!

Sarah and Patrick's Wedding Monograms

Sarah purchased a set of 6 monograms from my website and used my Buy 5, Get 1 Free Monogram Special.

Sarah's colors are purple and lime green.

Thank you, Sarah!

Sarah's feedback: "They look great!"

Annmarie and Garrett's Custom Butterfly Wedding Monogram

Carla is a repeat customer who returned to me for a custom wedding monogram for her friends.

Thank you, Carla!

Carla's feedback: "It's perfect! Thank you so much, Nicole!"

The Alexander's Anniversary Monogram

Racheal's anniversary party colors are metallic gold and black.

Thank you Racheal for your purchase, and congratulations on your 5 year anniversary!

Jennifer and Clay's Wedding Monograms

Jennifer's wedding colors are black and light green.

Thank you, Jenn!

Jennifer's feedback: "Thank you so much- they are just beautiful!"

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Alecia and Daniel's Wedding Monogram

Thank you, Alecia!

Alecia's feedback: "This looks perfect! Thank you so much!"

Kenyetta and Brian's Wedding Monogram

Thank you for your order, Kenyetta!

Tina and Christopher's Wedding Monograms

Thank you, Tina! Please contact me for your final designs!

Custom Wedding Invitation for Manza and Domah

Manza requested a very clean, stream-lined, yet modern look for her wedding invitation.

Thank you, Manza!

Identifying information has been changed.

Celestte and Jason's Wedding Monograms

Celestte purchased a set of 6 monograms from my website and used my Buy 5, Get 1 Free Monogram Special.

Celestte's colors are tan and powder blue.

Thank you, Celestte!

Celestte's feedback: "They are just beautiful and perfect!!! I love your work! It really is quality and very creative. Your professionalism and follow up is outstanding!!!"

Adria and Armando's Wedding Monogram

After designing Adria and Armando's wedding invitations, Adria returned for a wedding monogram.

Thank you, Adria!

Custom Business Card Design for Nicole Chelonis Photography

Nicole had a specific design in mind that she wanted, and this is her creation!

Thank you, Nicole!

Nicole's feedback: "I really love it."

Tiffany and James' Wedding Monograms

Tiffany chose a variety of colors for her wedding monograms. Tiffany also requested that her fiance's name go first in these designs.

Thank you, Tiffany!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sarah and Michael's Wedding Monograms

Sarah's wedding colors are baby blue and metallic gold.

Thank you, Sarah!

Sarah's feedback: "LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! Thank you sooooo much!!!"

Custom Blog Header for Tiny Bubbles

Thank you Lindsay for your custom blog header order!

See the blog header in action on Lindsay's website here!

Lindsay's feedback: "It looks great. Thank you!!"