Saturday, December 20, 2008

Custom Table Cards for Jerry and Una's 40th Wedding Anniversary

Lekiah came to me for custom table cards for a 40th Wedding Anniversary party she is planning for Jerry and Una.

Lekiah's table cards are named by year, and include trivia facts about her couple for that particular year. The years range from 1946 - 2009 (2009 is Jerry and Una's 40th Wedding Anniversary). I loved reading about all the milestones in Jerry and Una's life, and I don't even know them!, so I'm sure her guests will love this unique and creative display as well!

Lekiah's party has a 60's / motown theme, so I chose some fonts that I felt represented the vibe that Lekiah is going for.

Lekiah's table cards will be displayed in 8x10 picture frames.

Thank you, Lekiah!

Sample of only 1 of Lekiah's table cards.

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