Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Blog Feature: Ask Pink!

Hi everyone!

I sometimes receive emails from people just asking for advice on monogram etiquette, paper recommendations, printing instructions for how I did my wedding envelopes, etc.

I am always happy to help people out, so I decided to start an "Ask Pink" column where I will feature a random question that I receive and my answer! The first question that I'm featuring is actually one of two e-mail's that I received this morning:


Q: I have a random etiquette question for monograms. My fiance and I both have names that start with "M" and we want to use that throughout the wedding. Is it confusing if we just use a single "M" since that is not his last name? (His last name starts with an "H") I'm thinking of trying to do something with M&M instead? What do you think?



A: Hi Michelle!

I think it will be confusing if you just have one M, because one initial traditionally indicates the last name. If you don't want to use the H, then I like your idea of going with an M&M theme.


Any questions you want answered - please e-mail pinkdesignevents@gmail.com!

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