Monday, July 20, 2009

Program Designs

I realized that my pricing description of program designs might be confusing! A couple of people have questioned what is considered "1 page" so I revised the wording.

Pricing for programs is as follows:

$20 for a 1-sided 1-page program design - basically this is for the simple fan program seen HERE. It is designed on 1 side, on 1 page, and folded in half over the stick.

$30 for any type of multiple page program design, booklet style, etc. Even if you're printing on 1 page for a "booklet", that 1 page folded still gives 4 sides (1 front, 2 middle, 1 back) so I consider that to be "multi-page" because I have to design 4 separate files for each folded side.

Hopefully this is a better explanation.. I might just re-name the $20 program design to "simple fan program only" to make it easier! :)

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