Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our October Pumpkin!

This is a blog header I designed for.. myself!

As some people have figured out, I am pregnant (6 months!) and finally created a private blog for family and friends.

This blog header is not indicative of my blog URL.. happens to be another private blog belonging to someone else.

I love this and can't wait to share our blog with family & friends.

As a sidenote.. PinkDesign will be going on maternity leave in about 3 short months, probably just for a few weeks since I work from home and should be able to start light work after baby's birth :)


Celestte said...

I knew it! Congratulations Nicole! I have an October pumpkin-born on Halloween...almost 18 years ago. Best wishes for a comfortable pregnancy. Congratulations to the father-to-be as well!

Nicole {PinkDesign} said...

Thanks Celestte! We're so excited!!

Pink Bella Event Planning & Design said...

Congratulations! Children are so much joy! As you know I had my son in January and I don't know how I've lived life without him. Every time I see that smile and those beautiful eyes, I can't help but to smile. He's such a sweetheart! You're going to love him/her so much that it's going to scare you. Trust me on this! Again Congrats!


Nicole {PinkDesign} said...

Thank you Elesha! It seems like October is so far away, we can't wait for it get here so we can see her (it's a girl!)